Business Center

The NOMAD Business Center is an ideal example of what an office building should be:  

  1. The building designed and built specifically for business activities is equipped with all the necessary facilities, has all the required infrastructures and conforms to the Class B+.
  2. Thanks to location of the Business Center in the center of the city and availability of access/ approaching roads, the access to the building is substantially facilitated.
  3. The surface and underground parking areas with 100 individual parking spaces are arranged for the personnel having cars.
  4. The Business Center has 9 storeys. For convenience of the personnel and visitors, the Center is equipped with passenger and cargo elevators.
  5. Much attention is given to the safety issues. The Business Center is under twenty-four-hour security. Availability of the fire-protection system minimizes the risk of fire, while the use of the electronic access control system makes any unauthorized access impossible.
  6. One of the advantages is availability of its own transforming sub-station and diesel generator, thanks to which an uninterrupted power supply to all the offices can be ensured. In such a way, no idle time is possible.